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Mastertest Episode 3

Marco Tangi in
"Customer Complaints Management"

The Boss of Tensioners

Breda Lorett Technical office.
Organization and development of the product.

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The Boss of Tensioners

Marco Calindro,
R & D Manager of Breda Lorett,
tells us about the new
Breda branded automatic belt tensioners
that will be available in the coming months.

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Mastertest Episode 2

Marco Tangi brings us to the world of
Automatic Belt Tensioner Breda brand.

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Autopromotec Edition
La La Stand: season finale

With this video, the special edition
of Autopromotec 2017 ends.
Thanks to all the guests thanks to Claudia
for her vivacity, for her interviews, for her lovely smiles!

Mastertest Episode 1

Marco Tangi, in the metrology lab,
deals with testing and quality.

Here he explains his work among the machines
making up the room

More details here and in the virtual tour

Autopromotec Edition
Claudia & Gaetano Riccio

Claudia and Gaetano Riccio
CEO at Air Top Italia.

Sharing the spaces of the wonderful stand
at Autopromotec has been exciting.

Welcoming guests with the friends
from Air Top Italia has been even
simpler and natural.

Autopromotec Edition
Claudia & Stefano Casetti

Claudia interviews Stefano Casetti
who is part of our sales team.
Our sales office is always available for any information.
Prepared and quick in responses.
Supporting customers across Italy.

Speciale Autopromotec:
Claudia & Stefano Monteleone

Another video interview made by our Claudia
to Stefano Monteleone,
marketing manager of Metelli Group

Salesmen on the line Episode four

Go back to the gorgeous Turin
and take advantage of the opportunity
to spend a day in Breda Lorett

Autopromotec edition:
Claudia & Marco Riccardino

We wanted to start our Autopromotec edition
from Marco Riccardino's interview.
Marco, our marketing manager,
was interviewed by Claudia.

With her freshness and sympathy,
she took part in this exciting show!
She has involved several figures that are now on air
here, on the Breda Lorett Channel.
And the stand, with its original graphics,
seems a natural footage.

Salesmen on the line: Episode three

A trip to Calabria to better know the shopkeepers,
with Stefano and our partner of Autosystem


Salesmen on the line: Episode two

A trip to Portugal offered our Rosanna the opportunity to make an "on the road" interview with our agent and co-worker Carlos Costa.

Breda Lorett has been investing more energy and resources in the Portuguese market lately. With distributors there is a relationship of trust, mutual respect, for several years now.

It is always interesting to find out how knowledge can be deepened, the ties improved and strengthened to achieve a higher degree of collaboration.

Salesmen on the line: Episode one

The first video of our campaign in 2017 was held in Madrid during the Motortec fair in March.
Accomplices, in addition to our Rosanna Abriola and Erika Pellizzaro, our Breda Lorett partners in Spain: Joan, David and Albert Ribó.

David interviewed for us Mr. Mario Marques, of Distribuciones Marver in Tenerife who also spoke of the event which was held in Breda Lorett in May of 2016.

Distribuciones Marver

Ribó Representaciones del Automóvil

Claudia & il Natale

Buon Natale da Claudia e da Breda Lorett!! Claudia ricorda l'anno passato insieme e ha voluto fare gli auguri a tutti!

Claudia & Automechanika

Here's the fourth episode of our series. What happens in September every two years? The inevitable appointment with Automechanika Frankfurt!

Claudia tries to figure out what to bring to the Fair. And she realizes there’s a lot of stuff to carry around and to communicate. The Breda Lorett quality for example, product testing, professionalism, support and much more ....
English subtitle here
If you also want to find out you can come and visit
Hall 6.0
stand B27

Breda Lorett Channel

Finally the third episode of our series!
Sharing, tweeting,
posting pictures and videos !!!
How can Claudia remember everything ??
It turns out that, in fact, sometimes..............

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Breda Lorett Channel

Here's the second episode of the Breda Lorett web series
Claudia is dealing with the quality path and finds out what happens in the metrology lab
More, great news are about to make their entry in Breda Lorett.

Breda Lorett Channel

On the air right now on "Breda Channel"
the premiere of the web series
about all the things you must know about Breda Lorett.
The beautiful and lovely Claudia introduces
the new automatic belt tensioner Breda brand.

For a more serious approach clik here

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