From the Idea to the Product

Research and absolute precision

How to make the perfect product

We begin with an idea and finish with a product, passing through its industrialization, design and in-line quality controls and testing. Breda Lorett manufactured products are approved through simulation tests performed in our metrology laboratory. A virtual tour of our production factory, from the idea to the product.

Research and development

Our technical office deals with all stages of research and development, starting with the design, which takes place with the aid of 3D CAD software that simulates the function of the products, thus reducing production time.

The planning phase of each project is detailed and accompanied by the documentation required by ISO procedures.

The prototyping stage is carried out with traditional techniques and with the aid of a 3D printer that gives immediate feedback on the geometric properties of the project.

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Tests and Measurements

Our metrology laboratory, where tests and measurements are conducted, features all the equipment and test rigs needed to ensure systematic checks on the functionality of the products, whether in phases of development or in systematic production.

Assembly and Marking

The assembly of our products takes place with the aid of multi-position presses, or presses with a load cell for 100% control over the correct fit of the bearing. The production link for automatic belt tensioners deserves a special mention.

During the production process, controls are made on the line itself for 100% of the torque and damping. Every detail of our production is customized with a mark at the end of the process.

The products can also carry when agreed upon client-specified markings, for a completely personalized supply.


Our packaging lines allow maximum flexibility in the management of the batches, while maintaining a high working speed.

The latest generation of packaging offers the ability to effectively process both products with Breda Lorett packaging and those with custom packaging for clients.

Quality Control

We firmly believe in the principle of continuous improvement and in the importance of being able to guarantee only products of the highest quality for our clients. In this context, operational commitment and significant investments have allowed us to considerably increase, year after year, the quality indexes of our business. The Breda Lorett Quality System is certified ISO 9001: 2015

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All the products in our range help populate the TecAlliance database.
Breda Lorett has been awarded the quality seal ‘TecAlliance Certified Data Supplier’.

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