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A company to experience

Working in a beautiful setting

Our headquarters is the celebration and the synthesis of all our values, representing the pursuit of quality and beauty, because living and working in a rewarding and stimulating environment helps in achieving great results.

That's why we have invested so much in architectural research, in design choices and in the creation of open spaces for decompression, to make our work even more enjoyable.

We continue to focus on people and their well-being, on the contribution and the passion of each of the components of a great group in which everyone can find their space, both physically and mentally.

Test Room and Production Area

We have a space totally dedicated to our research and development, a space in which to conduct rigorous product testing, using the technology of machinery such as the roundness gauge, the roughness gauge, the profilometer and the three-dimensional control station.

Our products are created and assembled within a 3,400 square meter space, set up to ensure a fluid production line and divided into two sections: the assembly area  and the warehouse.

Offices and atrium

The offices are located on the upper level of our headquarters: administrative offices can be found along the west side of the structure, the technical and commercial offices are located in rooms along the central corridor, while management and ownership are located behind the main façade.

All offices enjoy the brightness of the interior atrium, an open-air courtyard with trees, which meanders through the heart of the company, easily accessible from the upper level as well as from the workshops it is, a space totally dedicated to leisure time.

Conference and meeting room

The decision-making processes of our company take place in a dedicated room, with a space where the voices and opinions of all our professionals can be aired.

By simply moving a partition, a space opens up and is perfect for inter-company meetings or specialist training courses with a total of about 100 seats.

Breda Lorett spaces

All the environments at our headquarters have been designed for maximum functionality, without sacrificing comfort and pleasure; light plays a central role, entering into the heart of the structure through the atrium.

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